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What Does... Images Are Guaranteed Mean?

If your doctor is unhappy with the images we will redo them for free. As a side note, each of our providers have years of experience and have already been serving physicians in their local area. Each provider has been certified at the highest levels by industry regulatory bodies. Each provider is using equipment capable of highest quality images. Quality and service are two key aspects which define UBid Imaging providers.

What's the catch?

No catch. Everything is the same, same machines, same quality, same local centers, same accredited services, same dvd of images and reading by the radiologist. Nothing is hidden. We simply contract in bulk and minimize the billing paperwork.

What if I need several scans, or with and without contrast?

In general contrast and multiple scans are just a few dollars more. Prices can be determined in advance with our scheduling staff.

Are there scans you do not offer at this price?

Yes. There are some advanced scans which do not fall within our standard price offerings. This represents less than a fraction of one percent of the total scans we complete monthly. Even then, if you should need an advanced scan like this, you will find our prices to be significantly reduced. Any special scan details, pricing and location availability will be covered when booking. No surprises, no catch, no hidden fees.

Will I Have A Scheduled Appointment Time?

Yes. We have two options;  1) Schedule for a specific time and appointment (slightly more cost).  2) Join our Wait List if you have flexibility in your schedule to fill a cancellation (our lowest possible price).

Do You Take Insurance?

No. UBid Imaging offers the lowest cost for those who are self paid. We take cash or credit cards.

Can You Bill Me?

No. Our prices are based upon payment at time of service without billing.

Do You Offer Open MRI?

No. Open MRI machines do not meet our quality image standards. We agree they sound great, but unfortunately image quality suffers.